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Kiss #15: Magic Kisses

Title: Magic Kisses
Author: ran_mouri82
Word Count: 672
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I just steal pages from Aoyama Gosho’s manual.
Pairing: Kudou Shin’ichi and Mouri Ran
Notes: 30 Kisses: #18 – "say ahh...."; manycases1truth: #39 – Playing Doctor

Magic Kisses
“There you are, Ran-chan! All better!” said Kudou Yukiko as she smoothed the small bandage over Ran’s elbow with a tender touch. Setting the cotton balls and rubbing alcohol back inside the bathroom’s medicine cabinet, she looked down on the first-grader with a smile. “If you’re feeling alright, you and Shin-chan can run along back into the yard and play, but,” she said, with a glare at her son, “go easy on the soccer this time. It’s not the World Cup, Shin-chan!”

“Fine, but it wasn’t my fault,” grumbled Shin’ichi, stretching his arms behind his head. He was covered from head to toe in dirt. “Ran dove for the ball and tripped on that tree root.”

“Eh? Is that true, Ran-chan?” Yukiko asked, crouching down to Ran’s level. Her cheerful face softened into a look of deep concern as she furrowed her brow. Shin’ichi blinked.

“Uh huh! I was having so much fun, I got a little clumsy,” Ran said, blushing and rubbing her elbow with a bright smile. “Sorry to trouble you, Kudou-san.”

“No trouble at all, Ran-chan!” Yukiko replied, straightening to her full height and patting the children’s backs to lead them downstairs. “Now you go on and have fun, and I’ll make you something yummy to eat, okay?”

“Mm!” Ran said, bowing her thanks as she followed Shin’ichi outside. It was a blustery day in early spring, and the shy birds were just beginning their joyful song to the growing sunshine. But Ran soon stopped watching Shin’ichi practice balancing the soccer ball on his head and looked again at her elbow. Tensing up, she reached tentative fingers to touch the bandage.

“You wanted Mom to kiss it, right?”

Ran gasped at Shin’ichi, who had let the ball drop into his hands. “W-what?”

“Your mom always kisses your scrapes. I saw her do it that time you skinned your knee at the park,” Shin’ichi said, scratching the back of his head. “Sorry about that. Mom used to do it to me, too, and tell me to ‘say ahh’ and all that stuff, but she stopped being cutesy about medicine after I started running away from her.”

“Oh, is that why?” Ran’s lips quivered as she fought to keep the smile on her face, but her tears brimmed and spilled over. “Then t-that’s okay. I understand.”

“Ran?” Shin’ichi stared at her, worry working its way over his little features. “Did something bad happen?”

Trembling, Ran nodded. “M-my mom, she—she moved away.”

“She did what?!” Despite his sharp gaze and typical confident air, at that moment the boy stood helpless.

“Mm hmm. Just the other day, Daddy and Mommy were yelling at each other, and Mommy said she was tired of putting up with Daddy and didn’t want to live with him anymore.” Sobbing, Ran brushed her elbow and said, “What’ll I do?”

Shin’ichi frowned. His mother must have known. He looked down for a second, darkness obscuring his face as, in the treetops over the children’s heads, the birds chirped their sweet melodies. Then he stepped forward, took Ran’s elbow, and kissed it.

“Huh?” Ran did not move a muscle even as her cheeks glowed.

“There.” Shin’ichi let her arm go and, blushing, said, “It’s not the same, but….”

A gust of wind blew the overhanging leaves so sunlight shone on their faces. Wiping her tears, Ran smiled and said, “No, it feels a lot better now. Thank you, Shin’ichi!”

“It’s nothing,” Shin’ichi said, coughing as he scooped up the fallen soccer ball and kicked it to Ran who, clenching her fists with new energy, kicked the ball back to Shin’ichi so fast, it slipped past him. Shin’ichi grinned and ran for the ball, saying, “Watch it! It’s not the World Cup, you know!”

From a nearby window, Yukiko drew back the curtains and sighed. The future would be difficult for Ran, but there was still healing to be found in friendship and magic kisses. At least Yukiko now knew that, despite appearances, it was a truth her son understood.
Tags: 30 kisses, detective conan, fanfiction, manycases1truth
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